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Our Services

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Window cleaning

Your property is the first thing a client notices about your business. 
We specialise in high level window cleaning using traditional window cleaning methods. This really does give the best results! No area is too high or too difficult to reach. We also clean cladding, balconies, skylights and atriums.

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Pressure washing

Our pressure washing systems will simply rinse domestic pressure washers out of the water. The washer can reach pressures up to 3950psi our pressure washer is capable of, Blasting, Stripping, Hard wash, Soft wash and also can lay detergent covering vast areas quickly. With all this capability you can ensure the Best clean we have to offer.

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Drone Inspections

We have access to state of the art drones which are able to get a much better view of your site or buildings, without the need of abseiling creating a safer working environment for our clients and employees.

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Bird Netting 

Are you finding birds to be a nuisance at your business premises?  Whether it’s disrupting business staff and visitors, creating damage to your property or simply the mess that they leave behind, bird netting can be the perfect solution to the problem.
Bird netting is set up to prevent birds from reaching certain areas, encouraging them to move on to an easier roosting place. Netting can keep birds off windowsills, rooftops, away from your ventilation and roof top air conditioning units.


Gutter blockages

Gutters are designed to restrain rainwater from spilling over your property. It’s easy to neglect and eventually forget about checking for blockages. Gutters draw little attention while they are working correctly.
However, leaving the system to clog leads to gutters eroding. Blocked gutters cause damage and damage needs repairs.
But that’s not the worse here. Blocked gutters lead water to overspill.
While spilling across your roof and down the side of your property, damaging brickwork followed by damp, moisture, fungi and mould.  This is likely to result in serious structural damage to your property.
Damp and leaks from bad lining in need of repairs can lead to various health problems for the residents of the property. A quick check for signs of blocked gutters or any of the other common guttering problems now and then can prevent this.

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Concrete Repairs 

Weathered and damaged concrete can become a hazard to your site or the public if it is in the stages of spalling or delamination. 


Spalls are areas where concrete has broken away from the wall. Small spalls, or pop outs, can occur at edges where bar ends terminate near the concrete surface or at other localized areas of shallow concrete cover. However, larger spalls occur near embedments and where long sections of reinforcing steel, with insufficient cover, run parallel to the concrete’s surface.


Delaminations are areas where the concrete has not properly bonded with the reinforcing steel. The resulting planar cracks, that run parallel to the surface, are due to corrosion of rebar near the top surface or below embedments. By tapping the concrete with a hammer, delaminations can often be detected. A hollow sound indicates a delaminated area.

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